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"At first I was nervous about the thought of coming for counselling but soon was put at ease. Having someone that I didn't know that well to talk to and be open with without any judgement was lovely. I thought it was good that I could talk about anything. And I liked the fact that I wasn't told what to do with each situation, I was given the help and encouragement to realise the direction that was right for me." S.B



Debbie has a very calm approach and is able to pick out the overall theme from what I was saying, reflecting back what I had said which I found reassuring. She asked questions which helped me to recognise the recurring themes/patterns in the work and allowed me space to come up with my own suggestions and conclusions as to what I wanted to do.  R.H

I felt really comfortable from my first session. I would definitely come back if I have any problems in the future. 

Thanks so much Debbie :) K.B

Debbie, just keep doing what you are doing in your style. You are honest, warm and encouraging, have a wealth of knowledge, and you are an inspirational person, I feel very privileged to call you my supervisor. A.S

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